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Getting card with monthly fee to report 0 balance?

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Re: Getting card with monthly fee to report 0 balance?

If this is a First Premier card I figured out how to beat them. You have to western union the payment in for your fee amount, then they cannot decline it for being more than the balance (since my balance is always 0$). I do this every month on the "due date". It costs an extra $5 but since i'm mortgage shopping I am not closing it. Once inside the new house I hope to toss it into the fireplace.


Western Union info:

Wire the fee amount to 

CODE CITY: Premier


Your account number

Ref = First Premier Bank


Mark it as urgent, and you will see a negative fee amount the next day online.  

Good luck!


If it's Credit One you have to call and keep talking and talking and explaining your situation and why you need $0 balance to report.  After a few supervisors they will credit you a late fee and it will be good for 3 months if you don't use the card.

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