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Getting inquries removed or grouped!!!!!!

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Getting inquries removed or grouped!!!!!!

I have alot of inq on all of my reports and a good amounT are by a couple of the same lenders just different times and wanted to know is it possible to contact the company and have them removed or at least grouped to count as one if made very close together and also auto loans can I have those grouped into one
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Re: Getting inquries removed or grouped!!!!!!

I don't think you'd be successful in asking them to be grouped, but the auto loans should only count as one in regards to your FICO scoring.

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Re: Getting inquries removed or grouped!!!!!!

Auto loan inquiries should only count as one if they're within a short period (14-45 days depending on the scoring model).

General inquiries outside of that.. no, there's really nothing you can do. If they're legitimiate inquiries, then they belong on the report and you can't really get rid of them. You'll just have to wait the 12 months for them to stop hurting your score.

If you had an inquiry for something random that you didn't approve - then you might be able to get the creditor to remove it. However, any kind of permissable purpose (applying for new credit, or a credit line increase, or to unsecure a card, etc) is a valid inquiry and you're stuck with it.

I ended up having a ton of inquiries on my EQ report (like twice as many as I thought I did), so now I'm stuck in the same boat - just have to wait for them to age off the report. They drop off your report after 24 months, and should stop hurting your score after 12.

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Re: Getting inquries removed or grouped!!!!!!

To add to what was said about the auto loans (and mortgage apps, for others): they won't show as being "grouped" on your reports, but the FICO scoring formulas will count all the related inqs in a certain time frame (varies by report) as just one.


So all will display, but only one in that time frame will count.


It sounds like you have a lot of other inqs, too. For those who DON'T have a lot of inqs, other than a clump for an auto loan or mortgage, you might get turned down for a CC for too many inqs. That's a computer doing the thumbs-down which only counts up the inqs. Call into the lender and ask for a human to look at your report, and explain that you weren't out trying to finance six cars; you just had six inqs for one attempted car purchase.

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