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Goal Cards

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Goal Cards

Well this post is mainly directed at those who you with less than stellar credit of course but I would never leave those who have there goal cards out so for you it will be your favorite set of four if you have all the cards you want already. I'll be the first to start....


Overall my goal cards to have in my wallet in which i'm working toward are : Amex Blue Cash Preferred, US Bank Cash+, Discover IT, Capitalone QS1...


Edit: Crossed out the ones I already have.



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Re: Goal Cards

Barclay Rewards,Discover It,Fidelity Amex are my goals for the upcoming year. And ultimately Penfed Cash Rewards for the 5% gas when my Equifax is squeaky clean! Smiley Wink

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Re: Goal Cards

American Express Blue Cash Everyday, Discover IT, and eventually the Chase Sapphire Preferred. 

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Re: Goal Cards

My own personal Amex centurion, but I doubt that'll happen for quite awhile Smiley Tongue


If the benefits keep on declining though, I'll have to give it a pass.

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Re: Goal Cards

Amex BCP is the only other card I want.  Unless I also fall for a solid gas rewards card that doesn't only benefit me during certain quarters (eg. Fort Knox Plat Visa?)

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Re: Goal Cards

JP Morgan  Palladium

AMEX Platinum to get the AMEX Centurioun


Nothing else Palladium and Platinum AMEX on March 2015


Centurion who knows

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Re: Goal Cards

I'm not working toward specific cards per se, more to round out the variety of lenders.  I would like to get in the door with Discover.  They hate me for some reason.


I would also like a foot in the door with Chase and Barclay.  Probably just because they both hate me also and I'm not sure why!

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Re: Goal Cards

None currently (the Amex BC removed the need for some other cards I had planned) but I'm always looking out for a new card that would benefit me...

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Re: Goal Cards

I'm not seeking any new credit anytime soon, but if I did, I would probably want to add something that offers some sort of travel rewards like the Amex SPG, Barclay Arrival or simply a good no FTF card like the Merrill +.


I would also consider the Fidelity Amex for the 2% back on everything and I like the idea of the savings being deposited into a retirement or investment account.  

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Re: Goal Cards

I have most of the cards I want. I do have some card goals though:


Marriott Premier - For the signup bonus. Just charged half the credit limit on CSP, and am waiting to pay that off before I apply. 


Signup bonuses - Thinking about applying for other cards as needed for signup bonuses. I might apply for some airline cards if they offer a decent amount of miles. 


Upgrades - Would like my Gap and Nordstrom's cards to be upgraded from store cards to Visas. 




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