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Goal Cards

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Re: Goal Cards

Only two goal cards: Chase Freedom and AMEX BCP. I will be done with apping after that.


I currently have a CSP, WF, BofA and Nordies visa. I settled my only baddie (unpaid C/O) last month and will be updated next week. I want my new accounts to be > 6 months old, so I will be gardening until August/September, or longer if they have another $200 Freedom bonus like last year.

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Re: Goal Cards

No new cards in my goal outlook just yet.


I would however like to PC to the BCE from Delta.


I am trying to figure out a good gas rewards card that I could get, but actually think the BCE card is actually the best option for this with my profile.  I seem to have a problem breaking through the 700 mark.  I have been at 698 and am now at 694. 

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.....
Always follow these rules: Only take a HP for a new account. Always use the best rewards card for that reward category. Don't close a card unless you know you really should. Never use more than 35% of a credit limit. Recon as much and as best you can. Use the introductory period to the best advantage. Get the signup bonus. Whenever possible PIF or balance transfer so you pay less in interest. Never give an excellent rating when it is actually the norm. Always look for a discount as more is always better.
Always accept candy from strangers because they have the best candy or from people you know have good candy.
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Re: Goal Cards

CSP and Amex BCP for now.  Been itching to apply lately to either or both, but I'm trying to be good Smiley Very Happy

Scores: EX: 730 (12/9) EQ: 726 (10/29) TU (Disc IT): 762 (03/10)
Goal: 750 across the board

My wallet: Citi Dividend Platinum Select $8100 | Chase Freedom Visa Siggy $6000 | Capital One Quicksilver $5250 | Chase Sapphire Preferred $5000 | Discover IT $4000 | Sam's Club LOC $2700 | Victoria's Secret $2590 | BOA Better Balance $2000 | Express $1560 | Target $1000
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Re: Goal Cards

The cards in my sig are pretty much my goal cards that I currently have. I might get an Amex Plat again next year.

CSR | Ink Business Preferred | Amex Platinum | NFCU Cash Rewards
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Re: Goal Cards

Eh...there are a few I still want...

OSU Beaver Cash Back Visa - $10k / Discover IT - $5.2k / BOA Cash Rewards Visa - $3.5k / CFCU Visa - $2k / Quicksilver One MC - $2k / Freedom Visa - $1k / Store Cards - 5k (Goal Cards: AMEX Costco TE, BCE, CSP, & US Bank Cash+) * Gardening until June 2014*
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Re: Goal Cards

Chase Sapphire Preferred card is my next goal

My Wallet: CSP $20,000 / BOA World MC $20,000 / Discover it $14,500 / Citi Simplicity $20,900 / BOA Cash Rewards Sig $15,400 / Chase Freedom $9,000 / Citi Dividend $16,000/ Walmart $15,000 / BOA Travel Rewards Sig $5000 / Amex Blue Cash Preferred $5000/ / Cap one Quick Silver(1) $5000 / Cap one Quick Silver(2) $3000 / Kays $7,100 / Best Buy $10,800 / JcPenny MasterCard $8000

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Re: Goal Cards

Now that I have a card from Chase; Citi; Discover; Barclays; and American Express, and a card from all four payment networks, I'm in no rush for any new cards.\


Hell, I want to get rid of at least one before the year is out.


But that being said, I have just two cards left on my wish list: the Sapphire Preferred and the Blue Cash Everyday. Once I get those, I honestly can't see myself applying for any more credit cards.

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Re: Goal Cards

JP Morgan Palladium & Amex Platinum

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Re: Goal Cards

I have pretty much the cards that I want. The only thing now is to upgrade them to their fullest potential. Once I get the last Card I want and upgrade the remaining cards, I will no longer find the need to apply for Credit Cards. My Goal Cards are as follows:


Good -> Better -> Best -> (Goal)


AMEX Charge: Green -> PRG Gold -> Platinum -> Centurion

AMEX Revolver: Blue Cash

BofA: Americard Platinum Secured  > Cash Rewards 123 Platinum Visa -> Cash Rewards 123 Visa Signature - Privileges Cash Rewards 123 Visa Signature

Merril Lynch: Merril Lynch + -> Merril Lynch Accolades (BofA Accolades)

Capital One: Platinum MasterCard -> Quicksilver MasterCard - > * Future World or Elite MasterCard

Discover: Discover IT Student Co-Signed -> Discover IT Personal with Co-signer Removed

|*****1/2014 - NPSL*****| *4/2011 6,000 CL* |*11/2011 - 5,000 CL*| *9/2012 - 850 CL* | *1/2014 - 500 CL* |*2/2014 - 6,000 CL*|
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Re: Goal Cards

My Goal Cards for the upcoming year are:


Sallie Mae Mastercard

Chase Freedom

Amex Green

Starting: 6/2012 : EX: 485(FAKO) EQ: 490(FICO) Trans: 482(FAKO)
Current : 4/2014: EX: 650(FICO) EQ: 664 (FICO) Trans: 681 (FICO)

Cards: NPSL Amex Green (AU), $11500 Discover IT, $4000 Quicksilver One, $3500 Bank of America Travel Rewards,$3000 Amex BCE,$3000 Quicksilver One, $3000 AA, $2500 Sallie Mae MC, $5000 Citibank AA, $1500 Barclay, $1200 Macys
~Back to the Garden~

Goal Score: 700 Across!

Gardening til 8/2014!!
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