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Goal cards for 2013??

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Re: Goal cards for 2013??

WF cash back (3% for first six months)

Nordstrom Store

American Airlines Store ( 0% deffered for 6 months, all the time)


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Re: Goal cards for 2013??

My Goal is starting with re-building my credit!! I would like the following cards by end of this year though:


1) Barclay Apple

2) Unsecured Wells Fargo (graduate)

3) Capitalone Rewards

4) Chase Visa


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Re: Goal cards for 2013??

Dont have a set card in mind. Maybe PC back to ritz carlton visa and kill off nationwide and discover more because of low credit limits. 2012 was the year of hefty increases for me and i added BCE and Fidelity AMEX end of December so I'm satisfied.
Marriott Rewards Visa $25,000; AirTran A+Rewards Visa $25,000; PFCU Visa $17,000; Barclay B&N MasterCard $12,000; GUCU Visa $10,500; Nordstrom Visa $10,000; GOCU Visa $10,000; Ann Taylor MasterCard $6,400; US Bank Perks Plus Visa $5,000; Barclay Arrival MasterCard $5,000; Quicksilver One $3,000; Capital One Classic $3,000; Amazon Visa $500; Sam's Club MasterCard $250; Dillards AMEX $250; Wal-Mart MasterCard $250.
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