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Going from a store card to a VIsa/MC

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Going from a store card to a VIsa/MC

My little sister a year ago got approved for a Walmart Store card and somehow a few months ago got a CLI to almost 1700 from her original 800. But she has brought up to me that in school she can't even use the walmart card anywhere since it's a store card. She PIF every month so I know she is responsible with her card.


She does have a part time job but her income would be pretty low, so I'm not sure her best options for a new card. The Walmart Discover I thought would be a logical start but, Discover in itself is not widely accepted. At the same time I was thinking of recommending Capital One, since I started off there with no revolving credit history and a part time job. Any ideas on what to use? I'd rather not subject her to cards with an AF or lolwut fees on them.

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Re: Going from a store card to a VIsa/MC

GE does not take requests to graduate cards, you either get the card at first, usually requiring  740+ to get it, or you have to wait usually a year or more. I would recomend she tries with CapOne see if pre-approved, she may get a rewards card with a small $39 AF or a non rewards card with zero AF. 



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Re: Going from a store card to a VIsa/MC

I agree with going for Cap1, reasonable AF and a CL she can learn how to be responsible with.

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Re: Going from a store card to a VIsa/MC

I opened my first credit card in 2007 with a Credit Union Visa... It's a local institution. I started with a $500 limit, no annual fee, 12.9% APR.


Might want to see what is local to you.

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Re: Going from a store card to a VIsa/MC

The Paypal Extra Platinum MC is fairly easy to get... It's a MC... Although you run the risk of just gettting a store credit card.
If she has had the WMT Card for more than six months, she should def have a 650-700 CS if she pays in full.
I got the Paypal Plat MC with a 673 FICO 08 and a $2,000 limit. After just 8 months, my limit is $7,000 now. You get 3x pts on all gas/restaurant purchases.
Also, with her Wmt account, she should have access to her TU08 CS.

Hope this helps:-) I'm a college student myself!:-)
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Re: Going from a store card to a VIsa/MC

I would highly recommend the student version of the Citi Forward. It's a no AF Visa. Was my first credit card and the rewards are exceptional for the type of spending done in school. As a student card, it's pretty easy to get approved for, and now that I've graduated I'm still using it for Amazon and restaurant purchases because of the 5x back. Maybe I was just fortunate, but I also got a $4k limit as a sophomore with no history but student loans. It's a great card, and while they haven't increased my CL (to be fair I haven't asked for one), they do occasionally reduce my APR.

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Re: Going from a store card to a VIsa/MC

I would second the above statement. The forward card is very useful for students and the amazon rewards are unbeatable.
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Re: Going from a store card to a VIsa/MC

If she has any income, go for the student version of cards.  Some are harder t. Get than others.  Citibank, wells Fargo, cap one, and discover.

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