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Good Austin credit union for credit & banking? Or online?


Good Austin credit union for credit & banking? Or online?

I'm steadily rebuilding my credit and think I would like to start building a relationship with a local credit union where I may apply for credit later this year. Current FICO is 660 and TU was 611 a couple of weeks ago. Secured rebuilders opened in November. I currently bank with Chase, though I have a rarely used Wells Fargo account too. (Cut up my card though because I was annoyed with them.) So I'm looking for a credit union to form a relationship with in hopes of getting credit cards in the future. Might also use as a secondary bank. Any suggestions?


Here in Austin I'd been looking at Randolph Brooks or University Federal, though there are a ton here. I'm on the north side closer to Pflugerville so not eligible for ones on the south side. Also open to online credit unions. I've never banked with a credit union before, mostly because I had a dirty Chex report, but it is clear now. Any thoughts on service at local cus, ease of getting credit, benefits and interest of their cards, etc appreciated. TIA!


PS Not eligible for Navy Federal.

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