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Good customer service --it still exists!

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Re: Good customer service --it still exists!

haulingthescoreup wrote:
I hear ya, and I'm not saying that the regular CS is any good. I was just amazed that when I was finally able to get beyond the basic level, someone finally figured it out.

It's a sad state of affairs when good CS is defined in contrast to the usual (bad) CS. Smiley Tongue


LOL.  HTSU....what you experienced is the relief of pain!  Sometimes relief is almost a pleasure.


Smiley Wink



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Re: Good customer service --it still exists!

I have the Chase Sapphire card (used to have Chase Freedom but was convinced to upgrade).  And, it WAS an upgrade.  Maybe not in the rewards catagory but certainly in customer service.  When I call, the phone is quickly answered not by a machine but by someone who sounds like they are somewhere in the mid-west.  They are courteous and professional and without exception, have resolved any issue I might have in one phone call.


With all the problems I've read involving Chase and their CS, it's refreshing to have the opportunity to post this positive report about them and since I only use the card for about 300 - 400 mo. and PIF, the rewards are not a big issue..


But of course, YMMV

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Re: Good customer service --it still exists!

When the overwhelming majority of posts regarding Chase CS are positive ones I'll be impressed. Until then... not!


Can't wait until July when I have to call them to have my AF waived again. That's always such a joy!

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Re: Good customer service --it still exists!

Well, of course, this all turned out to be incorrect. Smiley Mad

I got an e-mail telling me to register for the 3%, and like the trusting little rabbit that I am, I tried (again.) Got the same, Sorry, we have no idea who you are bit. Called back the other night and again got a US supe. She said that I don't use the card enough for them to extend this "offer."
-- OK, I used it a lot back in its previous incarnation as a Borders Visa.
-- Ah, but that doesn't count, it needs to be used as a Freedom (even though I'm only getting 1%.)
-- Well, I used it a lot initially, but I got exasperated and stopped. I would use it if there were any point.
-- (Silence.)
-- How much will I have to use it, and for how long, before marketing will consider me worthy?
-- I really don't know.
-- OK, I'll give it a quarter, and if there's no change, I'm closing it.
-- Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Then yesterday, after this fun convo, I read another thread that mentioned that most Freedom cards seem to be MC's. Interesting --mine's a Visa. And this faint line of text appears on the Chase Freedom card site, at least the one on my computer (they know I'm a member from recognizing my computer, even though I didn't log on):

Not all Chase Freedom accounts are eligible for all offers and programs described. For more information on your account, log on to

So I'm thinking that this is the equivalent of those who had WaMu cards and got converted to Chase cards, but only sorta. I'm thinking that mine is dead in the water.

Have any other former Borders Visa holders (we had a few here) ever actually advanced to the real Freedom card? Because this baby is now truly circling the drain in my personal CC collection.
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