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Good experience with Cap 1 CSRs

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Good experience with Cap 1 CSRs

A few weeks ago I got an upgrade offer from Cap One and 11 days ago I decided to accept it. I called the number, had a short wait time and spoke to someone from an American call center (although I don't really care as long as we can understand each other) upgraded my card, the CSR explained all the redemption possibilites and told me my card would be here in 7-10 business days. 


I didn't  pay attention to the days because my old card was earning the miles but friday evening I saw a letter from Cap One reminding me to upgrade my account so I thought that I would call just to make sure everything was ok and check on the status of my card even though it was on the edge of being too early for it to arrive. I called the regular Customer service number and spoke to the rep. She couldn't find a card request with my account and I had to explain to her that I didn't request a new card but was supposed to get one with the upgrade. I was on hold for 5 minutes and was then transferred to the call center in WA where the CSR had the card expedited and I received it today.


I really think they just forgot to order a new card but I'm happy with the way things were handled to rectify the problem.


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Re: Good experience with Cap 1 CSRs

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