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Good things happening at Bank Of America

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Re: Good things happening at Bank Of America

txjohn wrote:
Congrats!  My brother was successful in getting his $12k CL restored after being CLD to $6k.  Though he did not cancel, he did call the backdoor number and persisted to get an explanation and then called them on their implausible reasoning and asked for explanations and documentation to support the reasoning.  After 30 minutes, they said, "Mr. txjohn's bro, I am restoring your CL to $12k, you will have access within 2 hours."

Thanks txjohn, the things we have to go through just to get a decent line restoredSmiley Indifferent glad to hear your brother had his restored as they owed him that explaination. You just don't CLD someone for no reason, find someone who was late etc....don't come after me when I've been on time always...your know. But in any case it's all good now.



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