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Good time to apply for Chase Freedom?

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Good time to apply for Chase Freedom?

I'm a college student currently only have a BofA Travel Rewards card with a 2.5k limit. I want to apply for the Chase Freedom to start racking up UR points and eventually transfer the points to CSP when I get it down the road. Here is my current situtation


Cards: BofA Travel Rewards 2.5k

INQs: 1 from opening BofA travelrewards in Dec, 1 from applying to Chase Southwest in July (Denied, didn't know better at the time that with my limited credit history I was basically auto denied), 1 from CLI on BofA in Aug

AAoA: 11 months, will be 12 in Dec

No other lines of credit

Scores: From PrivacyGuard are around 705-715 for all three scores. I've always paid in full/never been late on my BofA card.


I'm thinking I should wait until Dec such that my credit history hits 1 year old, drop my util to 9% and apply for the Freedom. I can put around 60k+ income if I count money given to me for tuition, living, scholarships, and work/internships.


1)Any tips on applying and do you think this is a good idea to apply or should I wait it out longer.

 2)I'm also considering the Discover IT $150 CB after $750 spend. Do you think if my goal is to get CSP ASAP I should also apply for both cards?

3)When do you think would be a good time to apply for CSP?

4)Would going into a Chase branch and applying to Chase Freedom increase my chances?



12/12 BofA TravelRewards $700 || 08/13 BofA TravelRewards $700 -> $2,500 || 12/13 Chase Freedom $2,500 || 12/13 Chase Sapphire Preferred $12,000 || 12/13 Amex Starwood Preferred Guest $5,000 || 12/13 Discover IT $2,000
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Re: Good time to apply for Chase Freedom?

From what people have posted here: Chase like to see at least a year. You should have a good income for CSP. Some people who bank with Chase feel they have gotten better treatment.

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