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Goodbye, BBRZMC!

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Goodbye, BBRZMC!

I just called and closed my Best Buy Reward Zone Mastercard.  This was one of my first CCs in my rebuilding journey and it was my last remaining card that had an annual fee.  The AF was due in August, so it was time for it to go.  The CSR didn't even offer to waive the AF this time because I haven't used the card in 7 months.  Anyway, it only had a CL of $900 and I get at least 5% cashback at Best Buy on my Discover It anyway, so the card was useless to me.


It's nice to be able to look at where I am today and see how far I've come.  The rebuilding journey can be long and disheartening sometimes, but it works out in the end if you are determined and disciplined. :-)

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Re: Goodbye, BBRZMC!

Onward and upward :-)

EX: 750 (05/2015) | EQ: 765 (5/2015) | TU: 765 (5/2015)

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Capital One MasterCard CL: $3.9K (sock drawer)
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Re: Goodbye, BBRZMC!

Yup moving on, I thought about closing mine also. Sitting at 1.6k they took AF out. So far I get cli every 6 months or so. Will keep it open. It's 5 years old.
2013 Approvals: Discover IT - 3/1, Amex BCE - 3/4, CSP - 5/4, Barclay Ring - 6/12, BoA Privileges Cash - 6/27, Citi TY Preferred - 8/6, OCCU Duck - 11/4, USBank (Cash+) - 11/22, Wells Fargo - 12/21, Nordstrom - 12/29

12/19/2013, $100k+ Available Credit. Total Util: 0-1%
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