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Got approved for Barclays!

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Re: Got approved for Barclays!

Which Barclay card is it?

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Re: Got approved for Barclays!

Just the standard visa
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Re: Got approved for Barclays!

@DVH1980 wrote:
Question.....before getting the barclays card I had already been granted 2 additional credit cards and an auto loan, none of which have appeared on my credit reports. Will barclays view this negatively once they report even though I had applied for these before their card or do they only care about inquiries after their credit has been issued?

wouldn't sweat it but what Barclays didn't see when they pulled for the app will be 'new' to them next time they review your report, although inqs can give them a clue that there may be new account(s) appearing soon, depending on what report they land on.  In any case, congrats!  Building can be rewarding, treat the new accounts well and enjoy Smiley Happy


At the time I applied for a Barclays co-brand didn't know about them sometimes being so jumpy with new accounts--had applied for a handful of accounts (was in building mode) shortly after Barclays approval and it hasn't been a problem so far.  

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