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Got kicked in the butt by Capital One this morning.

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Re: Got kicked in the butt by Capital One this morning.

cashnocredit wrote:

Canadian-In-Seattle wrote:

Unless you are apping something next month it doesn't matter and may even help you.

It won't matter because your score will instantly bounce back once your utilization updates next month to show the lower balance. You only really need to fine tune utilization when you are planning to do something with your score.

It may help because maxing your card but then PIF is something you can use to try and push for a CLI. Once you pay that balance in full if you haven't CLI'd in awhile call them up and say you are feeling constrained by the limit even though you pay the balance down immediately. It might work!



After it reports, you pif, and that reports, it will help your credit capacity score, a score that estimates your ability to take on more credit. FICO doesn't sell these to consumers but does sell them to creditors. Let your balance go near your CLs from time to time. You only need to worry about your utilization when applying for new credit and that's the time to proactively prepay balances to minimize util. Makes it easier to get CLIs.


Thanks for the advice!!!

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