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Got my first CLD....Bloomingdales

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Got my first CLD....Bloomingdales

Well, I guess knocking on wood doesn't help.

For some reason, I decided to call Bloomingdales to check my CL. I was surprised when the automated voice told me my CL was only $200. Appearantly it went from $2300 to $200 within the past day or so.

I called them and was directed to call the "New Accounts Department" at 800-950-0339. That department was closed and they told me to call back tomorrow, but the front line CSR said that there was a change in my "negative outside credit info" that led to the CLD. So, I'll call tomorrow.

I opened this in September, 2007. I started with an EX FICO of 640 or so and the other two scores have climbed into the low 700s since then. EX was always my stronger score and expect that is the case now. There was nothing new on my CR other than lower util. Now I was in a wrangle with my only baddie, a redeemed repo. They corrected TU and EQ, but they just reported a 2nd repo to the acct one month after the first (only repo'ed once). Maybe that has something to do with it.

I did pull EX directly from EX and everything looks great. The only soft from Bloomingdales I had was in November. In total, I spent about $1000 since the beginning at Bloomingdales with the latest purchase last month for $100. My current balance is a credit of about $1.

Check your DSNB accts.
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Re: Got my first CLD....Bloomingdales

This also happened to me.  I called the CSR and she also told me that there was something negative on my report.  If bringing accounts to a zero balance and increasing your scores are negatives then I guess...I'M GUILTY.
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Re: Got my first CLD....Bloomingdales

charrbrad wrote:
This also happened to me.  I called the CSR and she also told me that there was something negative on my report.  If bringing accounts to a zero balance and increasing your scores are negatives then I guess...I'M GUILTY.

Did they review your CR with you? Was there any flexibility in getting your CL restored?

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Re: Got my first CLD....Bloomingdales

I called them and asked what the problem was since I couldn't find any negatives on my report.  I spoke to an account specialist and they stated it was due to economic conditions and that to try in 3 months.  I had no luck getting it restored.
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Re: Got my first CLD....Bloomingdales

Sorry to hear what happend to you. If you call them back and talk to them they might be able to do some thing for you. Couple of weeks ago BOA/FIA CLD'd me on two cards. I called them back, they did not give me my orignial limit but they met me halfway. After 6 months I would call them and ask for CLI again. Now a day banks are getting more strict even for the old baddies. It was a challenge talking to BOA/FIA CSR about a  year old late. I guess things are going to change in the future. Key is to start working on getting the derogs removed even they we use to ignore them before as old and does not effect the score. I started working on cleaning up on old baddies and back to drawing board.
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Re: Got my first CLD....Bloomingdales

OK....I called and got the 411

Both Macys and Bloomingdales are in a funk and AAs are abound. Check your reports!!! I talked to two different CSRs and they both said that "thousands" were receiving CLDs.

The first CSR I talked to today said that I called the wrong department, and that comes after the CSR from yesterday to ld me to call that number. Before being transferred, she told me that CLs were impacting many and that it was due to "outside info" and that it was the "economy". I then was transferred to "Steve".

Steve told me that something specific happened on my CR to warrant the change. He threw out the bit that "thousands" are being impacted and that Bloomies saw "info" on "last month's credit report" that led Bloomies to take action. He then said that it was computer generated and that he didn't have the specific reasons as to why it happened. I was very friendly but started to ask some hardball questions and he offered a peace offering of a $800 CL to get me to move on. I accepted but suggested that he should transfer me elsewhere if he didn't know the answers, and he did.

So, CLI #1 today to $800.

I then got transferred to his supervisor. She was very helpful and was patient with my questions. She first said that there was a "lot of negative factors" on last month's EX report that led to the change. I asked her to name one. She said that she didn't have a specific reason why a CLD occured but backed down on the "lot" bit and said that a new "120 day late" was added to my CR. I told her that I pulled a CR yesterday after I found out and didn't see any changes. She then asked if my FICO score dropped. I retorted that EX took action in February that prevents us from seeing out EX FICO and that I have no fair comparison from then until now, other than what I visibly see on my CR. She then saw my EQ report (gosh...I hope there's no inquiry *will run off to check soon*) and said that based on info from there, she will give me another CLI.

CLI#2 today to $1500.

She offered to manually review my CRs if I had a before and after report. She said that a letter will be sent outlining what I need to do to get a manual review.

I also asked about DSNB and she said that both Macys and Bloomies are doing this. She said that Bloomies has tougher standards (I don't believe that...seems easier, IMO) and that my Macys could easily follow suit.

I asked about scoring. She said that they use an internal scoring system for new accounts only, but that scoring system is not used for CLI requests, AA, etc. However, she said that they subscribe to an EX service that alerts them to changes as they occur to your CR.

I'm not happy about the CLD, but am please they came through from $200 to $1500 in one day. That will save me months (maybe years) of CLI requests.

The only thing that it could be is that darn Americredit repo. Starting last month, they added a 2nd repo listing showing that it was repo'd in Feb. 2005 and March of 2005. That must have been it and was seen as new baddie by DSNB.
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Re: Got my first CLD....Bloomingdales

It looks like they pulled EQ for me.  I still don't see any negatives.  Thanks for the update maybe I should call again.
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Re: Got my first CLD....Bloomingdales

Thanks for shedding some light on the mysterious methods by which they make AA decisions.  I should have known as much.  A subscription with which they get "alerts," which we, of course, are not allowed to view.
Too many accounts; too many debts; lots of open credit, and lots of utilized credit. Scores somewhere in the 600s - I have no earthly idea exactly what number, but not 700 like it was, briefly.
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