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Got my first taste of Barclays

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Got my first taste of Barclays

So some of you may have seen where I applied for the Wyndham Rewards card last Friday.  The very public 45,000 point offer ended the day before.  I figured it would be gone for a while and I wanted the card for a stay I have planned next month so I went ahead and applied for the 30,000 point offer and got it.


Well, after looking today, it turns out the 45,000 point offer is (still?) out there now.  There's a working link on DoC and USCC, even though the original link went dead and browsing from the Barclaycard homepage and from the Wyndham Rewards site doesn't seem to show it.  Needless to say I was pretty miffed about this, so I called this morning.


First attempt, the lady was confused because she couldn't find a 40,000 point offer.  I explained to her that was because I'd said it was a 45,000 point offer not 40.  Shortly thereafter we got disconnected.


Second attempt I got a different lady and went through the whole spiel again with her.  She also "consulted" her resources and came back to say she understood my frustration but there was nothing she could do.

I literally missed this offer by a day on either end, and they're telling me to suck it up.  Seriously!?


Should I keep trying, or do I just need to get used to this kind of treatment going forward?


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Re: Got my first taste of Barclays

Dont you just love the power of the call disconnectSmiley Wink
Oopsy, lost the connection. Real matureSmiley Wink
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Re: Got my first taste of Barclays

I used to work in Customer Service.


Hanging up on someone you don't know how to help is definitely a thing, sad to say.

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