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Got the call from Cap 1......

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Re: Got the call from Cap 1......

jbrickbm wrote:

Maybe im on the wrong thread, can i use the same email?  I have 2 unsecured cards

Just an FYI.


I emailed about 3 cards, a Visa platinum, a MC platinum and my BBY RZMC. 2 Different department is handling the BBY cards and the regualr cards. BBY RZMC can't do any increases without an HP, I said I'll call back for that (yet I had a $1500 CLI on the store BBY card a week ago online via a SP, weird).


The 2 other cards I asked to go to CL of $6K each, one was at $1.5K the other was $3K. Assured SP. Got off the phone yesterday, today I logged online and saw it went to $3K and $6K respectively. I'll take it! I forgot to ask about a PC, they are supposed to call me back to let me know the results... so when I get the call probably Monday now, I'll ask about the PC. 


And thanks to all for the advice. Worked great.

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