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Gotta love Cap1/HSBC

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Gotta love Cap1/HSBC

I just got off the phone with Cap1/HSBC to cancel my $39.00 yr $300.00 CL card I have had for a year. I told them I don't need the card so the rep decides he will cut me a deal no HP to increase my CL but I still pay 39.00 per year. Long story short I said ok to the soft pull and he comes back with "were sorry we can't increase your limit" but try back in 6 months. I had to laugh and canceled the card, Last week I was approved for the AMX BCP plus I pulled EX EQ TU this morning and all my reports are fine my scores are up around FICO 722-733 at EQ /TU Fako EX 734 and UTL is 7 HP are 4 at most so I know nothing is wrong. I'm going to enjoy giving this card the

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Re: Gotta love Cap1/HSBC

Put it out to pasture.  CapOne is a sub-prime company masquerading as a premier lender.  You've got better cards now, you don't need them any more.  Good riddance to CapOne.

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