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Guaging cc pre selected/approval status

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Guaging cc pre selected/approval status

So Eq is the only one that gives you the specific codes for the soft inquiries.  From what I read here and elsewhere PRM is useless. Name and address could never be used to give a firm offer of credit.  However PR would be a better indicator of your chances of final approval.  This is the reports the creditors pay for in bunches.  I'm wondering how much do they see is it report and score or just report and where else can you get this info from besides the EQ report?


I know this has probably been answered before but not under a thread started with the subject matter so its hard to search for.


Edit: BTW this is all in effort to help avoid the dreaded preapproval/selection with subsequent denial wasting an inquiry for those of us wondering why the heck am i asking

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