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Gunning for Amex today

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Re: Gunning for Amex today

Congrats!  Sounds about right, as that's the same limit I had.  I guess I app spree a bit too much that day, but didn't have to go through what you just did!

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Re: Gunning for Amex today

3 hard pulls for 1k limit is a tough pill to swallow but in the big picture, its no big deal.  The real bruiser is they pulled my EQ which was going to be just about perfect in a couple days(5 INQ's falling off, leaving 4) so I could app for my final card, USAA World MC. Really need to break into 5k+ limit territory.

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Re: Gunning for Amex today

Geesh, that was some kinda ordeal...but you got it so in the end it was worth it.



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Re: Gunning for Amex today

DVH1980 wrote:

Yep, on the phone as I type this. The rep is much more helpful and is attempting to verify my address by contacting my bank so hopefully I can avoid having to mail anything and get answer immediately......stay tuned

I had to go through this with my Zync card when I app'd for it. Congrats on the approval though!

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