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Guys, Chase has good service too ... you know ...

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Re: Guys, Chase has good service too ... you know ...


bunnyrabbit wrote:

One day, I had a customer who was paying with his credit card for his purchase, but my register declined the transaction.  According to this customer, he has called his credit company to let them know in the advance of his large purchase that day to avoid decline.   He had to call his credit company and explained what is going on, he was on the phone long time to get through this problem.  Finally he could make a purchase with his credit card.   So, with this experience at my work,  I decided to give a heads up to Chase to avoid same situation as he got.


Oh, bunnyrabbit, I didn't mean that folks shouldn't call in if they want to, if that's what makes them comfortable.  Different strokes and all.  I'm just one of those people who won't do that.  I just don't see the point in having a card that doesn't work on demand.   I mean, that's the type of account it's supposed to be.


I had a car once that had some sort of electrical problem that was never quite figured out.  Sometimes it would start, other times...nothing.  The non-starts always happened at the worst times (like when I was running a little behind getting to a sales call) or in distant locations, in the pouring rain, etc., etc.   The only reason I kept that car for as long as I did was because it was the only one I had.  I finally dumped it for another car, which was a bit less flashy, but it always started and got me where I needed to go, every time.


Just to clarify...the guy whose card got declined at your register, are you saying he had called the card company in advance, and he was still declined at first, then had to call in again?  If that's the case, it doesn't seem like that first call did him any good, and maybe even gave the card company a reason to second guess his account status.






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