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HELP HELP!! Question about a closed account...


HELP HELP!! Question about a closed account...

I recently opened a reeds jewelers account that I closed 2 days after opening do to getting a Kays account. I was hoping I would catch the reeds before it went on my report but I did not so now it shows a new account with closed next to it. My question is will I get dinged by fico as if it is a new account even though it reported closed or would i be better off opening it back up since it will lower my utli from 24% to about 10-15%. I will also have a New Kays account report but it will be maxed do to a purchase on it.
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Re: HELP HELP!! Question about a closed account...

Yes, you'll get dinged for a new account whether it is open or closed. At this point it is only lowering your AAoA and hurting you. Sure, somewhere in the years to come it will begin helping your age.


IMO, try to re-open it or have them remove it.

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