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HELP - Husband's Chase Freedom payment was one day late

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Re: HELP - Husband's Chase Freedom payment was one day late

kk627 wrote:

My husband, who has a 812 Equifax FICO and and 795 Experian FAKO, missed his due date on the 14th. He has a perfect payment history and also has a Slate card which goes back 12 years. He's been sick in bed with the flu (fever, chills, body aches, the whole nine) and didn't get out of bed until yesterday. He then realized that he had missed his due date and paid right away. My mind had been so preoccupied with taking care of him and preparing for an upcoming important interview that I didn't remember myself. His balance is 300/15000. I don't want this to be a black mark for him with Chase. Does Chase do one-time forgiveness like Discover does?

I believe CHASE offers the feature where you can set up auto pay with them every month.. Just attach a checking account and then they will automatically deduct the min payment each month.. I have this set up on all my accts..  This way if I don't remember, they will always get paid on time..


Hope he feels better soon..


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