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HELP!! Wells Fargo Secured CC


HELP!! Wells Fargo Secured CC

Ive had a WF s cc for 2 yrs (never late) $3k deposit, but with a $4000. cl I have a BoA rewards cc (2yrs) with a $6k never late. It was a secured cc, went unsecured a yr ago & they recently increased my cl to $6k. I have a car loan thats 1 yrs old.

 Heres the issue- wf isnt graduating cards. I applied for a reg wf cc but was denied bc the time length of my accounts. I very frustrated bc 3k is alot of money & they didnt keep up with their end of the bargain. Should I close the account & pay off my BoA card (balance 1400) try to find a different card or continue to hang in there? Im trying to build my credit but wells is pissing me off.



TU 713 (credi karma) Ex 684 EQ 657


I could close WF acct & use the money to pay off my BoA

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