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HELP! What is the best card for me??

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HELP! What is the best card for me??

Here is the scoop- I am looking to get one more card. Currently have Capital one, CL 3000, Best Buy 300CL and Walmart 600CL. I want to apply with a lender that gives decent limits, and uses TU (highest score, running 640-650). Had a BK7 dishcarged in Feb 2006. There are a couple other baddies (medical collections (paid 2010), judgement (paid off 2009), and a couple 30 days lates from 2010). I have had my Capone account open, never late, for over 4 years. However, they don't give CLIs on this card. The Best Buy card is 6 years old, never late. Walmart is only a couple months old. What suggestions would you guys give me for what card to apply for. We want something that gives us a decent limit. I currently have 40% util on Cap one, and 0 on the other two. Should I pay off or down the Cap one before apping? Any advice would be awesome! Thanks! 

Starting Score: EQ 416 TU 498 EX 468 Lender Fico's July 2012
Current Score: EQ 674 TU 679 Ex 686 EX
Goal Score: For now: 640s

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Re: HELP! What is the best card for me??

Usual advice would be to try to reduce utilization to under 10%, so paying down the Cap One should increase your scores and thus your chance to get the next card with a reasonable CL. 

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