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HSBC Best Buy RZMC -> Capital One


Re: HSBC Best Buy RZMC -> Capital One

Its hard to say how it will affect current cardholders moving forward. I can say with certainty though that as the shift has been made to Cap1, all Approval Rates, Approval Limits, Account Terms, Financing, etc. have all stayed exactly the same and will in the future for new cardholders. I am not sure how this will affect CLIs though.

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Re: HSBC Best Buy RZMC -> Capital One

Nothing has changed because these cards are Capital One in name only. HSBC Card Services just changed names to Capital One Card Services as of 5/1. We are still being serviced by the same employees, systems, policies, etc. All the accounts will move over to the Capital One Bank USA, N.A. systems in the fall. That's when we will get new cards, account numbers possibly and experience any changes such as CLI and terms.

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