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HSBC Closing CC... HELP!

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Re: HSBC Closing CC... HELP!

That's all great but does anyone know what this will do to my credit score?
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Re: HSBC Closing CC... HELP!

I was going to wait for the pre- AF to close mine.
I realized they are hurting more than helping and killed them off.
I even asked then for a refund of my AF- we will see where that goes.
HSBC- is done in ths household.

concorduser wrote:
I think when it comes to Annual Renewal, I'll close my HSBC Cards too. They both are low $400 limits. Since  then, I got my self couple of secured cards with good limits and also soon BOA should graduate me to unsecured. I think it is time, I drop my low end HSBC Cards soon.

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Re: HSBC Closing CC... HELP!

After the notice came I panicked... was told that based on my credit report my CC was going to be closed. Well turned out it wasn't. I've never been late with this CC and my baddies are dropping off like flies. Whew... score still jumping about 10 pts per month due to low utilization! Yea!
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