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HSBC Household - Does This Makes ANY Sense?

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HSBC Household - Does This Makes ANY Sense?

Let me start by wishing everyone in this forum a happy, healthy and wealthy holiday!


Here's my situation. I have a 30 day late pay from my Household Bank Mastercard. This is my only blemish and it has aged 7 months.


I have literally sent one dozen letters to them, yet they won't budge. Here's the part I don't get. Earlier this month, HSBC approved me for a 20K line of credit, raised my Platinum MC CL to $4,750 from $3,750 and tonight I received an increase on the Household MC that I was late on 7 months ago! It was the famous $100 Household increase but it was an increase, nonetheless. This brings that CL up to $900.


HSBC has probably treated me the best out of all my creditors, yet I can't get them to remove that 30 day late.


What else can I do? I know that late pay has dropped my Fico's an it was the reason why BofA recently denied my request for a CLI.


- UM

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Re: HSBC Household - Does This Makes ANY Sense?

HSBC offers Credit Lines?
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