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HSBC New acocunt Alert

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HSBC New acocunt Alert

I had 2 CC with HSBC and I closed them last month. I get an email tonight saying there has been a new account posted on EQ. I logged in and it was HSBC. I am waiting to pull my EQ report when I can get my next pulls from TC, to see exactly what happened. I have a feeling they made an error when they updated. I called their customer service and what a joke that was. She told me I need to talk to the CRA as it has nothing to do with them. HELLO, who reports the account every month? Why would EQ just insert a new account that is duplicated of an old one? Then I asked to speak with her manager and she told me I can transfer your call, but you will get the same resolution with a manager. If this causes my score to drop or any other type of AA I am going to be..... not very happy. Has this happened to any one else?
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Re: HSBC New acocunt Alert

really makes you wonder if these CR really believe that the credit reporting agencies are to blame for stuff like this and the bank has nothing to do with it or if thats just what there told to tell people because many wouldn't know otherwise and stop calling the bank and start calling credit agency.


Makes me so mad!! sorry to hear of the beginning of your troubles, hope it's a quick fix with an update next month. 

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