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HSBC Platinum stuff

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HSBC Platinum stuff

I keep getting pre-sel offers from HSBC, first for a platinum MC and then the Visa. Now, when I read the fine print and see the letters "HSBC" I get a foul taste in my mouth. I assume that they are horrible company. Am I making a false and callous assumption?

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Re: HSBC Platinum stuff

I would skip them now that you have Amex.... you are on your way to be outgrown for HSBC. Consider Citi Forward instead.

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Re: HSBC Platinum stuff

I've had the HSBC Platinum Plus Rewards Mastercard card for about a year now, $5,000 limit.....the rewards are pretty decent.  I've never had a problem with HSBC.  Got a 0% promotion for 12 months.  I use the card every few months just to keep open.  My husband hadn't used his for about 6 months and they closed his for non use.  He later reapplied and was approved for $8,000.  I can only assume, like other issuers, they want usage.


I also have an Orchard Bank that's about 7 years old.  It never grows but it's my oldest card so I refuse to close it.  It has a $2,500 limit on it, started at $300. 


HSBC has cards for different credit standings.  So far they've been great to me!

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