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HSBC Retail/Cap1/WFNNB Frustrations

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HSBC Retail/Cap1/WFNNB Frustrations

Okay, so I have a store card from a department store called Herbergers. Across the country, these stores operate under different names: Bergners, Boston Store, Carson Pirie Scott, Elder-Beerman, Parisian, and Yonkers, and The Bon-Ton.


Anyway, this card was originally issued by HSBC Retail.  As we all know, HSBC got taken over by Capital One. This transition went very smoothly about 2-3 months ago. Best of all, on my CR's this account just got renamed from HERBERG/HSBC to HERBERG/CAP1. No new tradeline, so all was well.


But about a month ago, I got a letter from Capital One stating this accont was getting transfered from Capital One to WFNNB. Okay, no big deal. But this week, I checked EX and the HERBERG/CAP1 TL is now marked closed by lender, and there is a new TL from WFNNB. As a result, AAoA went down by .4 years, not a big drop and score doesn't appear affected (hard to tell since its EX, FACO stayed the same but that doesn't mean much) but still upsetting. I'll check EQ and TU in a week or so.


After calling both Capital One and WFNNB, they both say there is nothing they can do about it.

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Re: HSBC Retail/Cap1/WFNNB Frustrations

Wow, pretty interesting, I guess WFNNB is buying up more store accounts.  That sucks they would start a new TL though.  Sorry to hear that.

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Re: HSBC Retail/Cap1/WFNNB Frustrations

I have a Carsons card/account since 1993 and on my credit report it states that the account is closed and transferred to another lender with NO new TL.  It's just closed.  I have tried to get them (WFNNB) to report the account but they haven't since July.  You are lucky that they are reporting it.  I have heard a lot of bad things about this company, so I will continue to pay on time and continue to wait.

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Re: HSBC Retail/Cap1/WFNNB Frustrations

My card from Pottery Barn that used to be backed by WFNB just got renamed/bought by Commetie Bank. Never heard of this bank before in my life. Hadn't heard about WFNB until my daughter wanted a play kitchen set... :-)

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Re: HSBC Retail/Cap1/WFNNB Frustrations

WFNNB is now Comenity Bank.  

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