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I'm on the phone with Best Buy's credit card services.  I was approved for the card, but wasn't told what my limit or interest rate would be.  So I'm talking to this guy and he told me that they won't be able to tell me that unless I accept!  Are they joking right now??  I should have known not to deal with this bank.

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Re: HSBC Woes

Did you try checking here first?


or here for the BBRZ



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Re: HSBC Woes

I tried that website.  My info. is not on record.  After talking with them though, it confirms that I don't want to deal with them.


They said "they would need to pull my credit report before giving me the limit and interest rates", and I told them that if they already have that on file somewhere.  If they don't understand what I'm talking about then they don't need to give me any information.

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