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HSBC bank mastercard

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Re: HSBC MasterCard

javajunkie wrote:
So HSBC is not a good credit card to get? I was approved for a credit card through them for a $300 limit at 8.9%.(or so they said) I don't have very good scores about in the 620-630 area and I need a CC. Was declined for Hooters.


I'm not saying that are not a good company.  Right now, I have good terms with them.  6.9% fixed with high enough credit limit to handle emergencies.  I also get reward points that I've used for cash back.  The reward checks come within about 2 weeks from the request date.


What I don't like is they denied a $11.00 transaction when I had been charging all day and one transaction was over $200.  There was nothing suspicious about the transaction of about $8 they were investigating from a few days prior.  There is a detailed story about the sequence of events, but the short version is that they have been these so-called security alerts and then use it as a scare tactic to buy the monitoring service.  I really dislike that.


I've only had one transaction that you would call suspicious because the merchant was foreign.



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