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Had to come to a realization tonight.

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Re: Had to come to a realization tonight.

android01 wrote:


Stop talking about applying for new credit and CLI's because you aren't going to do either.

Start talking about your progress, i.e. balance reductions on your accounts, decreasing utilization, and increasing FICO scores. 

Stop placing time frames on when you are going to apply for new credit (i.e "I'm gardening for at least two years, or until January 2013 etc.).

Start looking at this as a one day at a time deal. 

Stop being so hard on yourself.

Start talking about the credit lines you are going to CLOSE because they aren't useful, you don't want them, or you don't need them.

Start to have PATIENCE.  It takes a while to pay a large debt off.


I wish you the best, LS.  You'll come out of this just fine. Smiley Happy


I agree, take some time away from all things credit and relax. Patience is really the only way to get ahead, you can't cut corners each time you're assessing your credit situation. 



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