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Happy Discover Shopping Today Guys!

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Re: Happy Discover Shopping Today Guys!

happyhome40 wrote:

Fire, may I ask you where you got your information? I just spoke to a discover rep to make sure of the bonuses. I read your post then called. There isn't a $250 cap on the 2%, per the rep. Also, if I bought a Northface jacket with merchant CB of 10% , I would get 17% in essence. The 2%, the 10%, and the 5% from the category. If I'm being misinformed please let me know because then I can call discover and let them know their reps are putting out misinformation.



I actually picked up a Northface Apex Bionic, love shopdiscover. I also dropped about $900 dollars today. I even decided to pay my bill today, a bit ahead of schedual, so I can get the 2% on utilities/bills and the 2% for the day. I am looking at about $70-75. 


"It pays to shop Discover" Smiley Wink lol

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Re: Happy Discover Shopping Today Guys!

I did my Christmas shopping today - completely done!  Also ordered my Grandma's birthday flowers, which was a 20% category.

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Re: Happy Discover Shopping Today Guys!

Is ShopDiscover only for the actual Discover card by Discover or will it work with any card that runs on the discover network (like Walmart Discover)? Just curious

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Re: Happy Discover Shopping Today Guys!

Shop Discover does not work with Wal Mart Discover because Wal Mart is GE backed.


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