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Happy Holidays from Orchard Bank (Capital 1)

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Happy Holidays from Orchard Bank (Capital 1)

Orchard bank was my first CC I ever came to open in 2010. I was first granted a CL of $300. Not complaining being my first CC ever. After a year I decided to ask for a CLI increase and got bumped up to $400. I continued on building my credit eventually got better prime cards. Starting at the end of last year and every 6 months I began asking for a CLI on my Orchard bank card and kept getting denied for an increase despite me having other CC with much higher limits. So I decided after 2 years of rebuilding it was time to cut loose this card. I know I wouldn't miss a $400 CL when I already have other cards with much better CL's. I didn't want to SD this card because it does have an AF, don't know of how much. So long story short I decided to PIF the last and final payment to this card and wait until the payment post on my account before I call to close the account. Today I get and email alert from Capital 1 saying this is a reminder that a payment is due again this month? I was like "What payment?!" This card is temporary SD until the final payment will be posted to my account. I log on to my account and to my surprise I see a charge for $79.95 Smiley Surprised For a minute I thought my card was hacked but then I see on my recent statement online that its the Annual fee!! $79.95 on a $400 CL! OUCh!

What should I do? I strongly don't want to keep this card with such a low cl. How can I close the account and not have to pay that annual fee posted on my account. Will these crap 1 rep's be nice enough to remove the AF and close the account or will I be obligated to pay this fee regardless. Smiley Sad
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Re: Happy Holidays from Orchard Bank (Capital 1)

If you cancel your card within 30 days of Annual Fee posting, they are required to return the fee back so close this sucker ASAP!

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Re: Happy Holidays from Orchard Bank (Capital 1)

Paid it and then ask them to closed or offer you something in return. 

No hassle. They might sent it to collection if you don't paid. 

Try to get hassle free with those scram sucker.

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