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Hard nuts to crack-who should I target?

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Re: Hard nuts to crack-who should I target?

If you are looking for a rewards card that will tell you your credit is truly excellent, US Bank Cash +. 


As far as I can tell, Citi Thank You Premier continues to have pretty strict underwriting and can really work well for the right person. 


Others set their sights on PenFed, especially if you drive a lot.


I still think the CSP is the best all around domestic travel/entertainment card on the market and is the only card I wish I had. But it isn't as hard to get as any of the three I just listed. 


You could also go after a world elite mastercard. There are a few you can buy outright (Citi AA Executive), but most you have to get the world mastercard and then earn promotion to WEMC. Though this probably reflects more on your spending pattern than overall credit once you have the original card. 


Or you could set your sights on getting the kind of targeted offers bribro gets. That doesn't even cost you an inquiry. I'll know I'm where I want to be when I get the pre-approved offers my wife and sister get, the targeted amex offers bribro gets and the starting limits CreditScholar gets. And it won't cost me a thing.


Best of luck.

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Re: Hard nuts to crack-who should I target?

Thanks for info.  I need to read up some more on Signature Visa and World Mastercards and compare them to higher end AMEX charge card and see which one is best for me.  Right now I'm rotating all my spending on my various cards to maximize my relationship with the CC lender.  Not really worried right now about points, rewards and the like.  Just trying to show good usage and on-time payments.  I have time to do the research but needed to make sure I was looking into the right items.

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