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Heads up on recent Discover approvals...

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Heads up on recent Discover approvals...

Hey all!  If any of you have applied for a Discover product  ON THEIR WEBSITE, WITHOUT AN OFFER over the last few months and were approved for less favorable terms than you applied for WITHOUT an alternate offer or explanation OR if you were told you applied for a different Dicover product altogether, please contact the Office of the Consumer Advocate at 866-222-0536 and let them know!  I love their product, but after going back and forth all summer with CSRs telling me I received what I applied for, I finally contacted corporate only to be told that they've had SEVERAL complaints about the same thing and they're having IT look into it and pull up apps screenshot by screenshot to be sure it's not a glitch on their end.  If this might apply to you, do let them just might help us all out in getting the product we applied for at the best possible terms!

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