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Hello! And question about PC's

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Hello! And question about PC's

Hi all,


I'm new to the boards as a registered member. I've been lurking for a few weeks now while I try and get my credit situated. I really appreciate all the posts and feedback on this board. It's been a lot of help to gain a better understanding of the credit world.


As for my credit, I moved from ~680 EQ last month to ~740 today with some additional increases coming in the next few weeks from paying down my utilization to near 0%. (I started around 90% last month).


I currently have a AT&T Universal card that I'm trying to get converted to a Citi Forward card. When I spoke with a supervisor that was not an option but she moved me to a Citi Dividends card.  Any idea why Citi would not allow me to convert to the Forward card but I could convert to the Dividend? Also, is there a possibility that in a few months once my Dividends card is set, Citi would let me convert to Forward? 


Also, would it be possible to convert a Bank of America Amex to any other type of Amex or would I have to stay in the Bank of America family of cards?




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Re: Hello! And question about PC's

Welcome to the forums!


Different lender products have different PC criteria; you aren't able to PC with impunity across all of a lender's cards.  There's probably different reasons for that in the past (different account servicing groups, cobrand vs. internal branded cards) etc ad naseum.  It's just a business decision regardless of sometimes how silly it appears to us as end-consumers. 


I don't know explicitly if you can go from the Dividend to the Forward, that's going to be a question for their CS department most likely as not all Divdend cards are necessarily the same when it comes to PC restrictions (vis a vis Chase Freedom which is notorious for that).


Anyway regarding the BOFA amex: it card simply authorizes on the Amex transaction network; it is not an Amex-provided card (one from Amex directly) and instead is from BOFA, and as such you have to stay within the BOFA family of cards for any sort of product change.  



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