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Help! Barclays bought & ruined my account!

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Re: Help! Barclays bought & ruined my account!

@loviedovie wrote:

One of my first cards when I was starting to build credit was a Banana Republic retail card. Low limit and worthless rewards. I only kept it open due to the age of the account.


Unbeknownst to me, Barclays bought it a few months ago, UNENROLLED ME FROM AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS which I'd had in place for 10+ years, and reported me 30 days late to all 3 bureaus. 

I was furious. They said they were unable to reverse it, so I just closed the account. (My history is old enough now. I don't need that crappy little retail card.) 


Is there anything I can do to get that 30 day mark off my reports and go back to 120+ months of 100% on time payments? I know it's not the end of the world to drop to 99% but it just makes me so angry because I did nothing wrong. I had to idea my card had even been sold to them. 😔


Does anyone have any advice?

Thank you!

I find it perplexing since both SYNCB and Barclays provided several notifications, not only by email but snail mail as well. In those notices, it clearly stated that autopay would need to be re-enrolled. There was also a blackout period for accessing the account once it transitioned to Barclays as far as payments or transaction activity. 

Did you move during the months when such transition occurred? Did you change email addresses or not have notifications activated?

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