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Help Needed - Please ( 680) ! Update: Paid Card Balance off.

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Help Needed - Please ( 680) ! Update: Paid Card Balance off.

Please help me,  below is my complete profile.




Credit Karma Score : 


06/2009 -  656


07/2009 -  682


TransUnion Score:


07/2009 - 677


Credit Union :  Limit 1000$ , Never Late , Account - Jan 2008 , Balance to Payoff 650$




Cards as Authorized User: 


Amex Platinum : Limit 10,000$ , Never Late , Account - 07/2005 , Balance to Payoff  315$


Capitol One : Limit 2,000$ , Never Late, Account - 07/2003, Balance to Payoff 350$



Total Hard queries : 4 ( 3 of them within last 2 Months)



Recent : Applied to AMEX Blue - Got rejected.

             Applied to Citi Select - Asked to send copies of SSN, Home Bill


Please help me increase my credit score. I want to apply for a credit card that accepts me.

I will have more 2-3 hard queries on my credit due to New employment check, new checking account.


How can I hit 725 - 750 credit score ? 



Thanks in Advance

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Re: Help Needed - Please ( 680) !

Definitely pay down your balance on your credit union card. You are at 65% usage of your available credit and thats one of the main things thats dragging you down. If you had the CU card for a while, I would also request a credit limit increase. As for the employment check and checking account inquiry, I believe it will not be any bother. Banks are just wanting to see if you have been "applying for credit."
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Re: Help Needed - Please ( 680) !



Okay, I went to Credit Union after your reply and paid off all the due of 650. Now its only 30 cents balance on that card.


I showed the manager my new job offer letter and asked for increase in my credit for an extra 1000.


I also  sent required docs to citi bank, I am guessing I would get a credit of 1500 from them or nothing at all.


Please do let me know. What I can do further ?


I will be getting pay checks from my new job from aug 1 week. where should I do the direct deposit? 


Should I open an account with Bank of America / PNC / or PenFed ( I am Redcross volunteer) so that in future I can apply credit.




Please help me...

Thank you very very much.



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