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Help with Bank of America and Credit Pull

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Help with Bank of America and Credit Pull

I posted this in the BofA sucks thread but thought people may be able to give me some more feedback here.  Any suggestions of what I should do are greatly appreciated


ust on a little rant here.


My DH has a BofA card that they closed a year ago when he got 4 months behind on payments.  I have now brought it more than up to date - (Balance then was $9000 (with a 7000 limit - argh) now it's down to $4603)


We call them this morning and ask i there is any way to have this card reopened or to negotiate a better interest rate now that he has been paying for a year - she tells me I would need to answer some questions such as income and rent payments (which I did) I was expecting more questions but then she tells me to call back monday for a decision.


"Wait", I say, "this isn't going to be a new credit check is it, you get soft pulls each month as it is"


I get told of course it is and that it has already gone through.  I said to her that I had explained that I was trying to improve credit and wanted to find out what the options were and how was a hard pull going to help on that - at this point she tells me it was very obvious that a pull would be made and that by answering two questions i had agreed to this (the income and rent ones) as I KNEW that this was reapplying for the account to be opened.  I told her then that I knew no such thing (I hadn't asked to reopen it I just asked whether that was something that they had an option for) - that a credit check was not mentioned by her at all... she tells me that I have to KNOW that this will happen that there was no way that was not implied.....




Yeah I will be writing a complaint letter  

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Re: Help with Bank of America and Credit Pull

Call one of the BoA backdoor numbers and ask to speak to a credit analyst. Explain the situation, as you did here, and ask them to recode it as a soft, as you were not informed that there would be a hard pull, if you were just inquiring into your options.


If that doesn't work, try PlanetFeedback. Shaming them into submission sometimes works.


Good luck!


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