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Helping a friend with two maxed out credit cards

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Re: Helping a friend with two maxed out credit cards

Most dont realize they can pay many monthly bills with CC. and kill 2 birds one stone:

My mom would pay bills with bill pay or a check and pay her min on her cc and was barely making ends meet.

I had her pay everything she could with her CC and pay them bill amounts on her CC.

Electric, car insurance, heating, grogeries, phone bill, etc.

She gets cash back on her card to apply to the balance, bills are paid and reports lower balance so she saves interest.

By doing it this way she also met the cc min payment due and didnt actually have to come up with that "extra" so she applied it to the balance.

When your saving nickles, you have to think outside the box.


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Re: Helping a friend with two maxed out credit cards

What are the balances and companies? May offer better insight....

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