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Helping a young person start

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Re: Helping a young person start

i'd add her on the 10k card, it might take a few months before she will be able to get her own card though, and make sure you add her you make sure they put in her social security number, sometimes they only ask the name.

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Re: Helping a young person start

Have her apply for an nrewards secured card. Add her as au to the nrewards you have.

That will give her a good start.

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Re: Helping a young person start

As she is/will be a student, she should be eligible for student cards at some point.  I think adding her as an AU is the way to go, then at 6 months or a year, apply for some of  the student cards. 


That of course is just based on my experience, we didn't have secured cards.  I had added my daughters as AUs on my Cap One card (and one also on the BCP).

In her first year in college, my younger daughter has two cards of her own (Cap One Journey and Citi Forward for Students) and the elder, graduating this year, has those plus a BCE.

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Re: Helping a young person start

I'll be adding her to my nRewards, and she just apped for and got a plain jane Cap1 Platinum (300 limit). It has 0 apr til Feb, but I wish she hadn't jumped the gun. I explained to her about the importance of taking care of it, and she has agreed to let me keep an eye on her account and ride her butt about it. She's a sharp kid, but clueless about money, my parents have always been hand over fist with her.

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