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Hi guys, question regarding CSP!

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Re: Hi guys, question regarding CSP!

oztsvi wrote:

Hi guys!

I'm new to the community of MYOPIC, but I read your posts all the time and you guys are doing a great job helping people!


I have a question regarding CSP.


I have a credit history of 17 months, 5 cc


amex gold:npsl

amex green:npsl

cap oneSmiley Surprisedne card with $1500

cap one:second card with $750

discover it:$2000 


my 3 credit scores are all a little over 700

my utilization is 16%


my longest account is with capital one i have the amex for about 4 months both of them , and i just got my discover it.

On my equifax report i think i have 3 inquires , i understand that chase pulls from there i live in SO CALIFORNIA.


never missed a payment.

last time i tried applying for the CSP , i got denied i called recon twice they said i didn't have enough history.

i applied back in january of this year and back then i only had one card with capital one.

my question is like that: i want to try and apply again, should i wait for a few more months or i can just go ahead and apply right away?


btw i do have a bank account with chase.


thanks for your help, Oz.

Your AAoA is a bit low, so I'd garden some more. Even though some have been approved without it, an existing $5K limit is also beneficial. That is the reason I haven't app'ed for one as of yet.

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Re: Hi guys, question regarding CSP!

i think you should be approved for the freedom.


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Re: Hi guys, question regarding CSP!

just applied for the freedom, instant approval for $3000 , i'll be in the garden until 2/14 then i will try CSP! Smiley Happy

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Re: Hi guys, question regarding CSP!

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