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Highest UTIL% amex approval?

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Re: Highest UTIL% amex approval?


jchristo wrote:

Anyone been approved for an AMEX charge card with a UTIL% over 70%?


Just curious to see if this is possible...


Currently at 73% because of high balances on my parent's account which i am an AU on, and im just drooling over the zync...

My credit score is 701 other wise.... just that darn utilization that makes me nervous!

they have in certain cases been quite permissive of highish UTi with charge cards approvals in general don't recommend app over about say 30% but many have had their mileage vary and an approval may await you, it will likely be other variables (that can or not offset the high UTI) that are determinative.  GL with your decision.


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Re: Highest UTIL% amex approval?

Hi i would say get your uti.. down to about 30%

always use credit wisely and you won't ever feel like you're working just for the task master
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