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Highest limit for TD/Target MC ?


Re: Highest limit for TD/Target MC ?

@NoMoreE46 wrote:

We have had several $15,000 replies with this revived thread and a $16,500.  This leads me to believe that the max for this card is $17,000.

Cannot really say that is the maximum based solely on the data points provided on myFICO.  It's a small sample size with an outsized representation of those with severely blemished credit, after all.  It's tricky because with many cards or lenders, we have data points based upon cardholder requests and can ascertain where certain cards or lenders are capped.  Since consumer-requested CLIs are not even possible with this card, it's not something that can be tested.


Remember, just because we have never had a poster here with a 7-digit Amex revolver limit doesn't mean they don't exist (they do).  My Target card is still only about 1/3 of my average limit after nearly 20 years, never having been late on any payment with any lender ever, and up until a few years ago it was stuck at $800 for over a decade.  There are also members here with store cards that have slightly higher limits than my MC.  It looks like they are starting to do CLIs again.  I was on $2k every 6 months for a while, but like pretty much everyone else the recent one was only $500.  If they continue, I'm sure we'll see higher lines.

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Re: Highest limit for TD/Target MC ?

@FalconSteve wrote:

@FinStar wrote:

Given that the rewards are Target-specific, if someone shops quite frequently at Target (in addition to the 5% savings), then 2% on travel/dining (1% elsewhere) may be of some benefit to a variety of folks.  Different strokes for different folks.

I definitey agree. I didn't know about the 2% (although I get more than that from other cards, so still wouldn't be likely to use it). I was just curious if anyone else who doesn't plan on using it still wants the upgrade.


Is it true that it has no FTF?

That's a good question.  The most recent cardholder agreement doesn't even mention foreign transaction fees.  Usually if there is none, it will say None instead of 3% or whatever the card's rate is.  FTFs are not even listed under the fees section along with the $2 charge for reproduced statements and $25 expedited replacement card fee.

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