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Home Depot CC - Pre-Qual

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Re: Home Depot CC - Pre-Qual

Thanks for the link results was quite enlightening. OP give it a couple of months, let your scores go up, pay down/off debts and try again.

Starting Score: 525
Current Score:EX 652 TU 663 EQ 644
Goal Score: 750

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Re: Home Depot CC - Pre-Qual

I plan to pay all of my balances down to $0 between now and mid September. That will also give me 3 more months of age. Which isn’t much but it’s something. My UTI will be down a ton as well! While I was paying these cards down, I was considering using cs 360. Do you think that would be a wise move?

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Re: Home Depot CC - Pre-Qual

Will do, thank you.

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