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Home Depot card from Citi

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Home Depot card from Citi

I shop at Home Depot a lot. Registered various payment method with them to track purchases via their website. Never received a pre-anything offer from their website. This angered me so I opened a Lowes account and have been shopping there lately. Low and behold a pre-approved mailer arrived from Home Depot. I pulled the trigger a couple of weeks ago and received a crappy $500 SL.

A quick search of the forums for "Home Depot CLI" produced a ton of results. It appears most of the CLIs have resulted in a HP. A few SPs and auto increases.

Is there any definitive process to go about getting CLIs without a HP? Spend shouldn't be much of an issue. I gave up golf for wood working.


ps: I haven't received card yet, so I am not familiar with website.

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Re: Home Depot card from Citi

My best guess is you'll have to wait for an auto CLI for a SP (YMMV).

I opened my card March 1, 2019 ($500 SL), requested CLI through website link June 16, 2019, I received a notice of EQ hard pull. The HP granted me $5,000 CLI for new SL $5,500.

We opened DW Home Depot the week after mine, she was given SL $3,000. Same day as my CLI we requested for her too... also HP on EQ, also granted $5,000 CLI (New SL $8,000).

In our experience, the CLI was worth the HP.

Best of luck!
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Re: Home Depot card from Citi

Sorry, sp with Home Depot is very rare. Frankly i cant even fathom how people even have the luck to get it as most requests are hard pulls. Maybe if you spend alot and pif?.
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Re: Home Depot card from Citi

Citi just doesn't work like Synchrony. You are not going to get a huge SP CLI out of Citi, just not how they operate. Most SP CLIs from Citi are around $1,500 or so. Some have gotten more, but it's pretty rare. If you want a large increase with Citi you'll just have to take a HP.

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