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Home Depot

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Home Depot

Is this a relatively easy card to get? Does it make a difference applying in store versus online?

Thank You
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Re: Home Depot

In my experience, Home Depot (Citi) was a pretty easy card to get when I app'd online. I'm not sure whether or not it's easier to go online, but it was successful for me. My credit score at the time was like 645 and they started me at $1000. I needed more for a washer/dryer set, so I called them and talked to a specialist and got approved for $2000. Yours may vary, but this was one of the first cards I got after my sub-prime cap 1 card.
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Re: Home Depot

Home Depot was the first card I applied for after closing on my mortgage.  Was approved in store for $1500.  When I left the store, I called the backdoor number and requested $3000 and was approved instantly.

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Re: Home Depot

Thank you. Do you know what CRA they use?
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Re: Home Depot

They pulled EQ for me. I am in Michigan.

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Re: Home Depot

I applied for HD card right after I closed and was approved. I applied online and got message saying to call # to complete app. I answered a few questions and they asked how much I wanted. I told them $2,000 and after about two min on hold I was approved. Prob could have asked for 3!! When my lender pulled my scores in mid may my experian was at 663, which is what they pulled. I'm in dallas tx. I went to store and they printed my temp paper and I bought w/d, all within about an hour of applying online!
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Re: Home Depot

I could never understand why people got store cards until I bought my house two years ago. 


I love my HD card! They offer 6, 12, 18 months 0% interest on purchases over $299.


My initial approval was $1500 two years later I call to request a CLI (HP) and they bumped me up to $8,800. 


I'm in home depot weekly and love having this card!!!


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